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Mark your new journey at the Best Wedding Reception Venue in Udaipur

Luxury Wedding Reception Hall in Udaipur

Nowadays, wedding receptions in India are celebrated just as huge as for the wedding. From Nickyanka to Deepveer, wedding receptions are setting seamless trends all over the country. The Jehan believes in grand and joyous celebrations with a warm welcome where every guest is ensconced in a happy vibe. Thus, The Jehan near Udaipur is an ideal venue for to mark your glorious celebration of new journey.

wedding reception venue in Udaipur

An Indian wedding is not just about décor, dance, and music. It has a lot more to offer when it comes to a traditional marriage ceremony. From pre-wedding to post-wedding, there is a lot to do, and celebrations continue to ravel even after the wedding day. The wedding reception is basically a post-wedding event usually organized by the family of the groom.

While both the families celebrate it as a grand party, the bride is officially introduced as a part of the groom’s family. It is also treated as a wedding party for those who couldn’t attend the marriage.
Wedding reception adds a charm to the newlyweds as they seek blessings from all the family members and relatives. The party has good music, scrumptious food, cocktails, and a lit-up ambiance. With the presence of friends and family, a wedding reception marks the new journey of the bride and groom together.



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